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FRv6 Compliant products

Access to the list of FRv6 compliant products >>HERE<< (updated: 11 June 2024)

FrenchSys monitors the implementation of terminals or payment acceptance solutions through a common process (FCCS) that is jointly by FrenchSys and the Schemes

FCCS is a complete multi-scheme process that provides the following benefits:

  • It covers the Schemes: Amex, CB (including Meal Vouchers), Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UPI and Visa.
  • It offers a single Point Of Contact, from certification testing to approval of all card schemes.
  • It speeds up the compliance process and time to market.

To contact the FCCS team: fccs@frenchsys.com

FrenchSys Card Information System (FCIS)

FCIS (FrenchSys Card Information System) facilitates multi-scheme acceptance and acquisition (IIN tables, EMV tables, general NAF tables, MCC).

FrenchSys integrates the data of its customer schemes, such as CB, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UPI, VISA and disseminates them to its acquirer customers.

Acquirers thus regularly have access to multi-scheme data in a single format. This data is necessary for configuring acceptance solutions, routing payment and withdrawal transactions and for pre-clearing.

Receiving data in formats that are scheme neutral also makes it easier for acquirers to take on new schemes.

For more information, please contact our experts: service-parametrage@frenchsys.com

Field Events

Improve the reliability of your acceptance, acquiring and issuing solutions.

A team of FrenchSys experts can help you improve the acceptance of your fleet of terminals by collecting, analyzing and resolving your field events.

Terminal Monitoring

  • Identify the characteristics of your acceptance equipment and determine the level of compliance with current standards.
  • FrenchSys consolidates data related to payment equipment and applications thanks to the flows they generate via the interbank networks.
    Please contact us if you would like an assessment of your current fleet of payment equipment.

Nexo Expertise 

  • FrenchSys is both a Principal Member of the nexo consortium and a contributor recognized by its peers.
  • FrenchSys experts have been actively involved in nexo working groups since the beginning of the nexo initiative. This has enabled FrenchSys to uniquely acquire both a thorough understanding of the nexo ecosystem and a deep knowledge of technical specifications.
  • In addition, FrenchSys facilitates the integration and implementation of nexo solutions through the publication of practical guides and protocol conversion specifications.
  • Thanks to its very active involvement in many European initiatives, FrenchSys is able to offer a wide range of services and to support the success of your nexo projects:
    – strategic consulting, specifications, training, customized workshops, testing, certification facilitator, field Issues investigation and analysis
    – … and many other customizable services upon request …

FrenchSys-Elitt Joint Offers

FrenchSys provides a range of services in collaboration with ELITT. The aim of these services is to support you in all your payment projects in Europe, from design to deployment.

  • Our services are clear and useful for your projects. They include training on European standards, technical assistance for developments, testing and consulting in the creation or choice of your solutions.
  • Our aim is to help you design or implement robust, interoperable solutions based on your specificities and a strictly controlled budget.
  • Our resources: our project managers are experts in payment protocols and applications. They are involved in most European standardization bodies. Our recognized and accredited qualification tools and methods, as well as our access to electronic payment networks to analyze and offer solutions for technical issues, will provide you with invaluable assistance during the deployment of your projects.

Our service offering is EAZEE: European, A to Z, End to End!