About us

FrenchSys:  a Fintech in operation since 1 January 2019

FrenchSys is a service company dedicated to facilitating the development of multi-brand acceptance solutions through the integration of the specific features and innovations of FrenchSys partner card systems.

Although FrenchSys is a new player in the card payment solutions ecosystem, it is in fact a proven specialist with 35 years of expertise in the field of acceptance and acquiring of bank cards and major French payment systems.

With its resolutely multi-brand, multi-technology and multi-channel positioning, FrenchSys serves a French market of more than 2 million acceptance points through its main customers: acquirers, domestic and international card systems, and electronic payment systems.

The efficient integration and interoperability between the various solutions developed and used by all players in the ecosystem are becoming increasingly essential. Through its service offering, FrenchSys has adopted the role of a neutral facilitator.


In the past, Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB provided scheme integration services to its Members for acceptance and acquiring purposes.

Customer Segments

FrenchSys operates at the core of the French card payment system. It facilitates the development and deployment of multi-brand and multi-technology acceptance solutions, tailored to the needs of its customers.

FrenchSys serves a market of more than 2 million acceptance points through its main customers:

  • acquirers
  • domestic and international card schemes
  • electronic payment vendors

Standardization Organizations

FrenchSys is an active member and contributor to the main standardization groups related to acceptance and acquisition:

  • Business & Technical Associate, Member of the Board of Advisors in EMVCo
  • Member of ECSG (SEPA Card Standardization Volume)
  • Member of the ISO group working on ATICA (ISO20022 Acquirer To Issuer CArd protocol)
  • Board Member, Co-Chair of the TSC and the Acquirer Protocol WG in nexo
  • Member of the France Payment Forum
  • Member of the Association du Paiement

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