Test cards

In the development phase of a project, to test a technology being deployed or to check the proper functioning of a hardware, Frenchsys offers various solutions that can be used for installation, integration or maintenance activities.

Merchant CB test contract

For users who do not have the possibility to carry out test transactions using their real merchant contract (i.e. via their bank), FrenchSys offers a business CB test contract. This type of contract allows the user to make test transactions via a test acquisition service (maintained by FrenchSys).

These products are intended exclusively for the testing of payment and withdrawal hardware in order to participate in the operation and development of the CB system.

CB cards for testing and developing

Deux familles de cartes sont à distinguer selon l’objectif visé :

1. The CB test cards

Associées à un service d’autorisation pour accompagner le déploiement (qualification en fin de développement, installation, migration …) et la maintenance d’applications monétiques dans un environnement « réel » c’est à dire dans les mêmes conditions que pour un client en magasin.

2. The CB development cards

To accompany the development and qualification of electronic payment applications in a dedicated development environment, that is, exclusively under laboratory conditions.

Documentation available:

FrenchSys Catalogue

A catalogue detailing the products and services offered depending on the environment in which they will be used

User Guide – Testing and developpement

A User Guide for Test and Development of CB cards

User Commitment

User Commitments to be signed before placing an order

User Guide

A User Guide for the test and development CB cards